Sunday, January 22, 2012


So I officially suck at blogging. If anyone was actually reading this thing they'd be pretty disappointed in my lack of spilling my every life's move (seriously, if you're interested in that just friend me on Facebook, yep I'm one of those). So anyways, without further adew let me just tell you now, THAT WE'RE PREGNANT! Well we're not, technically I just am, but I feel that we is the right thing to say nowadays, makes daddy feel all involved and whatnot. I don't see him putting on a pound (and a stretch mark) every minute though but whatevs. So yes, it is true. We're expecting our first little bambino, yep bambinO.. it's a BOY! Due... like in 4 months *holy shit*. As a matter of fact he is due on my birthday, May 21st and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he stays put until somewhere near May 30th. Our life has a funny way of planting huge milestones on us around that time of the month. Our wedding and the anniversary of when we bought this house, now the birth of our first child. It's all a bit overwhelming although the little mister was every bit planned.

So as you can probably imagine we've kicked it into hyper mode on the renovations. It's 7:22 on a Sunday night and Aaron is still going strong as I type, framing up the new closet for little Mr. No Name's nursery. Since we saw those two lines he has mudded, sanded and primed all the walls in the main living area (I'll post pictures of that at a later time, once the trim and floors are done), completely finished our office and is now chugging away at the babe's room. We're hoping to finish that with enough time left to refinish the hardwood floors before the big arrival but we will see. So yep, there's my big news. We're thrilled. Absolutely thrilled and a little terrified and we both have contemplated heading for the nearest U.S. border and never looking back and/or burning the house down but we're going to make it. It's going to be crazy but we are going to make it just fine.

So here are the pictures! I always find myself asking how I lived with the room looking the way it did for so long when I make these posts. Pretty soon we will have more finished space than unfinished and I won't know what to do with my time anymore. I had hobbies once, right? Oh well, the prodigal son should keep me busy enough for the next 18 years and then I'll start a new blog called Ashley's Midlife Crisis, fun!

 This was what the room looked like the day we bought the house. 

This is what it looked like up until a few months ago when we started making transformations.  

After :)



After- I am in LOVE with this color (Sold at Lowe's- La Fonda Spanish Dancer)


After- Isn't she lovely?