Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Long Time, No Update

Well, it's been about 7 months since my last renovation update. Everyday someone asks me "So are you finished with your house yet?", to which I normally respond by laughing out loud and then bursting into tears. So let me address this question here, once and for all. WE WILL NEVER FINISH THIS DAMN HOUSE! Eh, so maybe I'm exaggerating but seriously, we are nowhere near done. I feel like we've barely started.

We have, however, completed 2 major projects since my last blog post. We gutted the entire basement. This project alone took us from August until October. We did all of the labor ourselves mostly, with the occasional help from friends and family (which we so appreciated). We also ran all new electrical in the entire house. I say we, but my only involvement was the occasional getting up off of the couch to help Aaron pull a wire through a tricky spot. So we have eliminated two deadly threats in this house. The crazy wiring that threatened to combust at any moment and burn the entire house to the ground (there were times I wished it would) and the potentially toxic mold and asbestos in the basement (although I'm sure to have several types of cancer after breathing in that shit for as long as I did).

See the pretty pictures!! (I know, not so exciting.)

Some of the scariness that was our basement. 

 About two-thirds of the way done gutting it all.

The trash bags I mostly carried all by myself. They're filled with moldy drywall.

The finished product. This is exactly what it looks like today.

This disturbing picture shows what was powering our house.

And now look, glorious!


  1. I will say that the before and after shots of the wiring are quite impressive.

    So, the house is almost done then? hah

  2. I might punch the next person who asks me that, fo real.